Michael Douglas Neil Diamond Tribute

Welcome one and all to the all-new Brooklyn Boy website.


Please feel free to browse around. Over the coming days and weeks, this website will continue developing with new content, it was rightly deemed necessary to have a working website that was still under development than to not have one at all, and although the site is perhaps a little sparse at the moment, there should be a enough interesting content for visitors to enjoy until it is completely finished and even then from time to time the site will undergo changes here and there to make it more interesting. 


The Biography page basically gives a potted history of Michael and makes for very interesting
reading, giving an account of just how Michael got started in the business, right up to present day.
The gallery is as you might expect will be full of pictures, which will include some audience member
submissions. Check back regularly to find out what’s new. 


We have also added a Venues page, here you will be able to keep yourself up to date with the latest gigs and venue's being played all over the world.


See you soon 


The Brooklyn Boy Team

Michael Douglas Neil Diamond Tribute